Seven Arrows East

Seven Arrows is a coastal retreat and sustainable farm on the outskirts of New York City. Come and enjoy an immersive experience with gorgeous waterfront views, forest hiking and lovingly grown food farmed on premises.

Accessible Location

A short ferry ride or drive from NYC, Seven Arrows is easily accessible by Seastreak or NJ Transit.

Human-Powered Agriculture

Our small, diversified farm utilizes sustainable, human-scale methods that help to improve tilth by enhancing the biodiversity in our living soil.

Getting back to basics.

We aspire to produce as many of the resources that we need to thrive, including food, livestock feed, rich soil and fuel.

CSA Update: Egg add-ons sold out!

Hey folks!

Due to the amazing response to our CSA over the past couple of weeks we’ve been getting a higher than expected number of egg add-ons. We’re now sold out of egg shares. Sorry to any folk who were hoping to get their hands on some eggs every week. We only have space for a limited amount of hens. We like our girls to have lots of space to stretch their wings.

Sorry! We're working a hard as we can!

Sorry! We’re working a hard as we can!

This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get eggs at all. If the ladies have a particularly productive week, we’ll have half dozens available for purchase during our weekly pick-ups along side our beautiful duck eggs and homemade goat milk soaps. More on that as the season progresses.

We still have cut flower shares available, so if you are interested in receiving a sweet farm bouquet each week, please check off the “cut flower add-on” on our CSA agreement form.

Thank you all for your support!


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