Seven Arrows East

Seven Arrows is a coastal retreat and sustainable farm on the outskirts of New York City. Come and enjoy an immersive experience with gorgeous waterfront views, forest hiking and lovingly grown food farmed on premises.

Accessible Location

A short ferry ride or drive from NYC, Seven Arrows is easily accessible by Seastreak or NJ Transit.

Human-Powered Agriculture

Our small, diversified farm utilizes sustainable, human-scale methods that help to improve tilth by enhancing the biodiversity in our living soil.

Getting back to basics.

We aspire to produce as many of the resources that we need to thrive, including food, livestock feed, rich soil and fuel.

Short film of the homestead by Mike Boylan

The folks from The Anchor in Asbury Park came up with some friends to join us for a casual farm dinner! One of our guests, Michael Boylan, made a video to accompany a post on the Anchor, which can be viewed HERE!

We’re so pleased to be making new friends!

Seven Arrows from Michael Boylan on Vimeo.


-Farmers Meg, Michael and Neil

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