We get lots of questions daily on volunteer opportunities on our farm, events, CSA availability and tours. Please read on to find out the answers to the most common inquiries the farmers get!


Q: Are you an organic farm? Where can I buy your produce or eggs?

A: We are not a certified organic farm at this time. We practice “organic”, but since the certification process is cost prohibitive, we cannot label ourselves as such. Our growing practices depend heavily on the building of good, friable soil and the creation of biodiversity. For this reason, we do not use chemical pesticides or herbicides on our crops, ever.

Our livestock are fed on a combination of wild forage, pasture and soy-free organic feeds. We treat any minor ailments holistically using gentle herbs as medicine. In extreme cases, we will enlist the help of a local veterinarian to choose the least chemically aggressive but most effective mode of treatment. However, if an animal is very ill and not responding to more natural remedies, we will go the way of conventional medicine to prevent further discomfort and suffering. We think our animals are healthier and happier than the average barnyard critters and we believe their eggs and milk really stand apart from the stuff you get at the supermarket.

Right now, our eggs and produce are only available through our CSA, occasional Sunday markets and at local restaurants. To find out when we have extra goodies available, please join our mailing list. We do not sell dairy products but we hope to in the future when we have access to a commercial processing space. For now, we make really great goat’s milk soaps!

Q: Do you have a waiting list for next year’s CSA? I’d love to get a share!

A: Currently, we are suggesting all interested parties sign up for our mailing list. When shares become available, we will contact people on the list to put their names in a lottery pool. Due to the limited number of shares and high number of interested parties, we feel this is most fair. As a policy, will make shares available first to existing CSA members, which is tradition with most CSAs. Any remaining spots will be open to new members.

Q. Can I bring my kids by the farm for a visit? 

A. The Homestead at Seven Arrows is a working farm with a very small staff and lots of livestock. For this reason, we cannot encourage visits from families and young children at this time. With a minimal crew and a heavy work load, we cannot possibly supervise the number of visits that are requested on a day-to-day basis. We love kids, and wish that we could foster a safe place for them to encounter farm animals, but our farm is really not the place for it. Electric fences, barking livestock guardian dogs, protective roosters and goats with horns do not mix well with curious little people.

However, if you are seeking a supervised educational tour for school-aged students, we are happy to accept potential proposals for visits. Please see below for information about guided tours!

If you’d like to take your youngsters to a great farm where they can have hands on experiences with farm animals, consider visiting Green Meadows Petting Farm in Hazlet, or Richfield Farms in Clifton, NJ!

Q. I’m a chef working with a yoga instructor for a weekend retreat. Can I order vegetables from the farm for group meals?

A. Yes! We strongly encourage chefs to contact us for crop availability as soon as their retreat is booked and the deposit has been received by the retreat staff. We can work with you to help you design a menu based on crop availability during your stay. All orders must be received 5-7 days before the retreat takes place.

At this time, we cannot coordinate harvests to include chef or retreater participation. It is a nuanced and specifically timed process that has taken us months to perfect. We would be glad to schedule a walk-through with chefs upon arrival so they can see and sample what crops will be harvested for them and make any last minute adjustments to their order.

Q. Can we schedule a tour to come to the farm? Are there open farm hours?

A. Yes! We love to have visitors at the farm when scheduled in advance. Since we are a very small team, unannounced visits are a pretty impactful disruption. When we can schedule a time, everyone has a much better experience.

We request that for farm tours of up to 10 people, that a monetary gift of $75 be made to the farm. You’ll receive a thorough 45 minute walk-through of all of the farm features and enjoy a glass of herb tea or lemonade after while you Q&A with one of the farmers. For larger groups or school tours, please email us to coordinate details.

We have occasional Sunday markets on site from 12-3 p.m. during the late part of the growing season. There are usually free tours at 1, weather permitting. Please join our mailing list to receive email confirmation of each sunday’s market time.

Q: I’d love to volunteer to come help with farm work. How can I get involved?

A: Volunteers are our most favorite people. Our crew rarely gets a break so having some extra helping hands around makes quicker, easier work.

If you’d like to volunteer, Wednesdays are an open volunteer work day. Contact us to let us know that you’d like to come by and we’ll give you tips on what sort of work gear to wear and what to expect. If Wednesdays aren’t available, contact us to schedule another time!

We also have apprenticeship positions available for 2016. Please view our Apprenticeship Job Description page HERE and email us if you are interested in applying!