Meg Paska got her start in agriculture in Brooklyn, NY, of all places. As a rooftop beekeeper, she gained notoriety in the five boroughs for her trailblazing in the urban farming scene. In addition to her rooftop apiaries, she raised chickens and rabbits, gardened, composted, foraged, grew edible mushrooms and learned to cook and preserve all of the bounty her interests provided her household.

An enthusiastic teacher, Meg took to leading workshops on the aforementioned subjects at institutions like The New York Botanical Gardens. She consulted for top hospitality groups and other urban farms…she’s even wrangled honeybees on set for CBS’s Elementary series.

When her love of farming grew, she spent a season tending 50 acres in the Catskills at Newton Farm Cooperative with a group of NYC aspirational farmers. There, she developed new skills as a grower, as a cook, and as a marketer of fresh green things.

Now, at Seven Arrows, Meg hopes to bring all of her experiences together to create a place of immense inspiration for those who, like her, want to live an authentic life, connected to the land.

To see Meg in action, check out Made by Hand’s The Beekeeper, which she is featured in.

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