The following workshops are offered by Seven Arrows’ own Summer Quashie and farmer Meg Paska.  Our mission is to support and educate about sustainable lifestyles.  Adding a workshop to your retreat not only increases the attractiveness of the retreat, but helps to spread the positive information about Yoga and Farming.

To schedule a workshop for your retreat at Seven Arrows or book a workshop with your local group, please contact:


Beekeeping Naturally: 2 hours

Honey bees are play an important role in plant reproduction. Without their assistance, many of the fruits and nuts we enjoy on a daily basis would be far more rare and expensive. In this farm lesson, students will learn about basic honey bee behavior, anatomy and hierarchy. Farmer Meg will dissect an empty hive to explain the parts and functions of the modern beehive. After which, the group will inspect a live colony of bees and taste some of their hard earned honey.

Cost $150 teaching fee


Farmer for a day (4.5 hours)

Join Farmer Meg for a day of of farm related activities. Milk goats (7 a.m.), weed the garden and harvest lunch and a bouquet for the table, collect eggs and take farm dogs Stevie and Peach for a walk down beautiful Hartshorne Rd. Get connected to the Earth and experience where your food really comes from!

Cost $325 teaching fee


Soap Making: 1.5 hours

Join Farmer Meg for a fun lesson in making a great everyday soap at home. Using organic oils, farm herbs and goat’s milk, students will learn how to make their own brand of suds using a cold-process method, which uses lye to saponify the selected oils. At the end of the retreat, students will be able to take a bar home with them.

Cost $150 teaching fee plus $25 materials cost


Dairy Goats: from Milking Stand to the Kitchen two 1 hr sessions

No farm or homestead is complete without a couple of dairy goats. In this two part session, Farmer Meg will share the basics of goat husbandry, including a hands-on milking session. Once the milk is filtered, students will learn to make and sample fresh chevre for spreading on bread and crumbling in salads.

Cost $175 teaching fee (10 person maximum)


Growing flowers for bouquets: 2 hours

If you have just a little space in your yard, you can grow your own flower bouquets! In this class, students will learn about cut flower selection, planting maintenance and harvest. Students will then get to make their own bouquet to brighten up their home.

Cost $150 teaching fee plus $5 per person materials fee


The Medicinal Garden: 1.5 hours

Many plants have within them the power to fortify the body’s natural functions. Among them are common herbs, roots and flowers. In this lesson, students will learn about 12 easy-to-grow medicinal herbs; how to grow them, harvesting techniques and preparations including drying for teas, making tinctures, decoctions and infusions. After the class, we’ll all enjoy a pot of soothing fresh herb tea!

Cost $150 teaching fee plus $5 per student materials cost


Foraging for Wild Foods: 1.5 hours

Embark on a meandering hike in Hartshorne Woods with Farmer Meg! In this lesson, students will learn how to identify wild edible greens and mushrooms, harvesting some to properly identify back at the farm and enjoy for lunch! Bring a camera and a note pad! There will be a lot to learn!

Cost $150 teaching fee

(Note: Availability of wild mushrooms is entirely dependent on weather patterns. Amount and condition of foraged edibles varies)

Ghee-Making 1.5 hour

Why this liquid gold is so revered in Ayurvedic medicine?  Participants will learn the smell, color and sacred practice of making ghee.  Sampling of ghee on delicious foods.   The jar of ghee we make will be available for meals during the retreat.   $100

Ayurvedic Facial 1.5hrs

Learn to make an ayurvedic facial scrub with simple kitchen supplies.  Each participant will have the chance to apply the facial, toner and moisturizer.  Take home facial scrub.  10 participants- $175

Intro to Essential Oils 1.5hrs

This experiential essential oils class, allows students to sample essential oils to sooth sore muscles and  injuries, stimulate the third eye for meditation,  and much more.  Learn everyday uses for 10 essential oils.  Students will leave with sample oil.   $175

Making Kitchari for the Season 1.5 hrs

Hand grind season specific spices while squatting and chanting mantra.  Making a comforting pot of kitchari for your group to enjoy.  Learn about this Ayurvedic rice and bean dish that can help the body find balance.


Tea Workshop 1.5hrs

Learn to make Indian chai, herbal tea infusions and moon tea.  Enjoy the sacred ritual of informal tea ceremony.   $130

Gluten Free Granola + Chai Workshop 1.5hrs

Enjoy and afternoon snack that you make yourself!  Learn to make gluten free granola bars, packed full of energy and Indian Chai  $175

Vegan Lunch Workshop  2hrs

Assemble a dream lunch for your group.  Learn to make simple Focaccia with seasonal herbs, avocado, raw coconut butter and Marinated Kale.   $250